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On A Clear Day. . . You Can See Ghosts

Estelle Krumholz, MSW, LCSW
On a beautiful, pre-autumnal day in late September I attended a workshop in New York City entitled, "Ghosts in the Consulting Room,".

What is Queer About Sex?: Expanding Sexual Frames in Theory and Practice [pdf]

By Suzanne Iasenza, PH.D.
Psychotherapists often believe if couples improve their communication and emotional dynamics, good sex follows.

Unconscious Sources of Low Sexual Desire in Gay, Lesbian and Heterosexual Peer Marriages [doc]

By Suzanne Iasenza, PH.D.
Many couples enter sex therapy with partners either blaming themselves or the other for their sexual difficulties.

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Psychoanalysis in a Globalized Community: "Skype" Video Treatment of Patients in China by CPPNJ Analysts

By Cristine Grapa, LCSW, LMFT
On May 6, 2012, we were transported from the Rutgers Campus across worlds of geography, politics, history, and culture to present-day China!

Black Psychoanalysts Speak: IPTAR�s Diversity and Culture Committee Presentation

By Marion Houghton, LCSW
�Something is happening here.� With these words, Richard Reichbart, PhD, captured the energy and excited anticipation in the room at NYC�s Park Avenue Methodist Church on Saturday morning, May 12.

Graduation Speech: Marilyn Legato

Well, it�s been along time getting here, and sometimes the road has been quite bumpy, but I have to say I am very happy to be here tonight.

Graduation Speech: Mitchel Miltch, LCSW

Thank you so much for being here with me tonight. I congratulate my fellow graduates Marilyn and Veronica, each of whom I�ve had the pleasure to share learning experiences with.


The Effectiveness of Psychoanalytic Therapy: Evidence from Research

By Nancie Senet, Ph.D.
Part 3: Dodo Redux. We last left our prescient bird knocked slightly off his perch.


Daniel Goldberg - Highlighting Our Faculty Members

Maybe becoming a psychoanalyst was destiny.

A Home Is More Than Four Walls

By Debi Roelke, Ph.D.
Images have a certain power to convey the core values by which we steer our work: a home within; a secure base; a place to live inside oneself; ground to stand on, from which to reach out to the world beyond.

Introducing Deborah Liner, Ph.D.

Raised outside of Washington D.C., I attended the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in what was then an independent major combining psychology and neurobiology.

The effectiveness of psychoanalytic therapy: evidence from research

Part 2: Shedler tackles the Dodo�s verdict
By Nancie Senet, PhD
As you might remember, we last left the Dodo bird as he sat enjoying the continuing success of his famous verdict.


The Effectiveness of Psychoanalytic Therapy: Evidence From Research

By Nancie Senet, PhD
Part 1: The Dodo Bird Verdict: Lewis Carroll first introduced us to the judicial talents of the Dodo Bird in Alice in Wonderland.

Highlighting Our Faculty: Rose Oosting, Ph.D

I became a psychoanalyst more or less by accident. Looking back, I can see each step as part of a coherent trajectory, but I really didn�t know I would end up here when I started.

Notes from the Training Committee

By Sally Rudoy, LCSW
In the first edition of this column we hope to explain how the training committee works and give you a glimpse into how decisions are made.


Meet our Faculty: Jill Gentile

It�s a pleaure to join the CPPNJ faculty and this vibrant community! I have nurtured a love for psychoanalysis since my graduate Ph.D. training in clinical psychology at the University of Rochester.

Highlighting Our Faculty: Eric Sherman, LCSW

Looking back, I was destined to be a psychoanalyst. All the telltale signs were there; I was the somewhat nerdy eldest child groomed for a caretaker role by a narcissistic father and beleaguered mother.

IARPP 10th Anniversary Conference Coming Up

The 10th Anniversary Conference of the International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis & Psychotherapy (IARPP) will be held in NYC March 1st through the 4th.



December All-Day Conference Report Muriel Dimen Presents on Sex and the Psychoanalyst: Perversion and Desire

By Ruth Lijtmaer, Ph.D.
How can psychoanalysts view sex, perversion and desire using the lens of 21st century feminism?


How a psychoanalyst got �permission� to use cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness and more

By Joan Glass Morgan, Psy.D.
Some of you may have had the opportunity to attend the CPPNJ sponsored conference with Paul Wachtel in 2009.

Faculty Forum Report: Monica Carsky Presents on Overwhelming Patients and Overwhelmed Therapists

By Debi Roelke
What makes patients begin to seem overwhelming? How do we as therapists end up feeling overwhelmed?


Director's Column

By Seth Warren, Ph.D.
I hope that all have managed to survive the transition from summer to busy fall, marked by the start of school, the Jewish holidays, and our own fall ritual, our annual CPPNJ Fall Brunch.

What does culture and race have to do with psychoanalysis?

By Ruth Lijtmaer, PhD.
From a clinical viewpoint, culture and race play a role in etiologies of disorders, diagnosis and the therapist's approach to treatment.

Dreams and the Unconscious Through the Lens of Neuro -Psychoanalysis: A Look at Unconscious Motivational Systems Within the Brain

By Debra Roelke, PhD and Harlene Goldschmidt, PhD.
Another way in which unconscious motivational systems come into play in therapy is through the transference-countertransference relationship.

The CPPNJ annual Welcome Back Brunch

By Michelle Bauer
The CPPNJ annual Welcome Back Brunch was held on September 18th in Lenfell Hall at Fairleigh Dickinson University.


Director's Column

By Seth Warren, Ph.D.
I am writing at the start of another new year, our second full academic year as the Center for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis of NJ.

Presence: Meditating On The Gift That Keeps On Giving

By Mitchell Milch
Meditation is perhaps the most important "best practice" I employ each day in the service of warming myself up so I can develop, apply, and identify obstacles to being present in an emotionally intelligent manner.

I have always been interested in what makes people tick.

By Carolynn Hillman
As a preteen I would watch TV dramas with my Mom, a homemaker, and she would explain dynamics to me: "that person is saying this, but is really feeling that, and the reason for that is.." This was fascinating to me.

Graduation and End of Year Celebration

By Gail Kleinman
Sunday, June 5 marked the CPPNJ's second Annual Graduation and End of Year Celebration at the Hamilton Park Hotel in Madison New Jersey.


Introducing Barry Cohen

I am so happy to be offered this opportunity to introduce myself to the CPPNJ community as a new faculty member, and I look forward to getting to know as many candidates and other faculty members as possible.

Introducing Maureen Gallagher, Ph.D.

I am very excited to be joining the faculty of the psychoanalytic training program and the couples therapy training program of CPPNJ.

Introducing Nancy Hicks, PsyD

Becoming part of the CPPNJ community is a wonderful opportunity for me.

Rapid Cure of Stuttering in a Three-Year-Old as a Result of Psychodynamic Treatment

By Martin A. Silverman, M.D.
The telephone rang one morning. The caller identified himself as an internist in a distant, southwestern state...

Scientific Research Validates Treatment: Brain Studies Reinforce Psychoanalytic Knowledge

By Debi Roelke, Ph.D. and Harlene Goldschmidt, PhD.
This article will look at psychological and interpersonal aspects of relational trauma, as well as explore some basic aspects of the neurological underpinnings of such trauma.

The Recruitment Report: A review of the year

By Marion Houghton, EdS
The recruitment committee maintained a presence at CPPNJ activities during the course of the year. One such event was the David Wallin conference.

Director's Column

By Seth Warren, Ph.D.
I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate our two graduating candidates, Janet Hoffer and Mary Lantz, and to welcome them to full membership in our Center.

Spring Conference with David Wallin a Success

by Eric Sherman, LCSW
CPPNJ is used to people coming from all over the metropolitan area to attend its events. But from St. Louis?


Legislative Alert

By Joshua Lerner, LCSW
Legislation was passed on 1/16/11 PL 2009, C.209, which amended the Health Care Quality Act (HCQA) (N.J.S.A. 26:2S-1).

Director's Column

By Seth Warren, Ph.D.
While many have decried the diminishing importance of psychoanalysis in the face of changing cultural values, the bureaucratization of psychotherapy, decreased insurance reimbursements for psychotherapists, and so on, it is also important to recognize other, more positive developments in our field.

The Standup Analyst

By Eric Sherman, LCSW
Press One for Aggravation, Press Two for Denials.

"We just don't communicate!" a Conundrum in Couples Therapy

By Daniel Goldberg, Ph.D.
A funny thing happened when I picked up the newspaper the other day. I saw a research report that looked at communication in relationships.

Brain Research & Recent Studies Supporting Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: A three-part series

By Harlene Goldschmidt, Ph.D. and Debi Roelke, Ph.D.
This is the first of a series of three articles focusing on scientific studies and brain research that support psychodynamic treatment.



Legislative Alert

Karyn Reader, LCSW
Silent PPOs, such as Multi-Plan, Beech Street, Devon and others intrude into your fee arrangement with private pay patients.

Getting to Know You: Debbie Frank LCSW

Debbie Frank, LCSW is a CPPNJ candidate who is in her fourth year of analytical training. Throughout her institute training, she has participated in many conferences and events, and is now involved in the Candidates' Organization mentoring program.

A Few Spaces Open in Couples Therapy Training Program

Our second cohort in couples therapy training begins classes at the end of January 2011. We have decided to expand our training this year to a more central Jersey location in Piscataway on the campus of Rutgers in coordination with colleagues at GSAPP.

The Recruitment Report: "Growing" CPPNJ

Marion Haughton and Debi Roelke
In the spring of 2010, the Recruitment Committee conducted a survey of the CPPNJ community to identify the variety of ways that members came to training.

The Psychotherapy Center at CPPNJ: Training and Community Mental Health

Sandra Sinicropi, Director and Debi Roelke, Coordinator
The Psychotherapy Center of CPPNJ (PC, www.psychotherapycentercppnj.com), was established in the late 1980's by the then-treasurer of IPPNJ, Linda Meyers and Nancy McWilliams.

Opening Up Psychoanalytic Writing

Nina Williams, PsyD
I first read Freud in college in a class that was required for English majors but not for psychology students.


The New Jersey Couples Therapy Training Program Hosts Our Fall Conference on Attachment

Sandra Sinicpropi, LCSW and Rose Oosting, Ph.D.
On October 30th, Stan Tatkin, PhD presented the CPPNJ fall conference, Attachment Approaches to Couple Therapy.

Director's Column, Accountability and Research on Psychotherapy Outcomes

Seth Warren, Ph.D.
I would like to continue the theme of my previous column on the future of psychoanalytic practice, but before I do, I would like to remind our members that my intention is to provoke conversation and dialogue on these matters.

Interview with Monica Carsky, Ph.D.

Debi Roelke, Ph.D.
Dr. Monica Carsky was one of the initial faculty members of the former Institute for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy of New Jersey (IPPNJ).

Legislative Alert

Joshua Lerner, LCSW
New legislation has been introduced by Assemblyman Gary Schaer which would affect out of network mental health professionals.

Letting Go

James Garofallou, Ph.D.
Some years ago, my niece Jill, who was a young mother at the time, confided that she was very fearful that her daughter Sierra, a very precocious little girl of about 4, was so frightfully bright that she may surpass her.

Advice from A (Sort of) Old Man

I was driving on the Garden State Parkway the other day when the unthinkable happened.

Center for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis of New Jersey

How the Attachment Patterns of Patient and Therapist Interlock: Nonverbal Experience, Mindfulness, Mentalizing and Change
David Wallin, Ph.D.


Legislative Alert

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has published a proposed rule for the 2011 Medicare Part B physician fee schedule that would significantly reduce Medicare payments to clinical social workers and psychologists that bill Medicare Part B services.

Getting to Know You: Barbara Davis, MSW

Barbara Davis, MSW is a CPPNJ candidate in the second half of the program. She is currently Secretary of the Candidate's Organization, which supports and represents the professional needs of candidates within the Center.

The Capacity to Be Alone: A Treatment of a Latency Age Boy

Charles J. Most, Psy.D.
With the fall coming and the advent of another school year for children about to start, I think back to the excitement of wearing new clothes, seeing friends that you hadn't seen over the summer and the opportunity to learn more.

Director's Column

Seth Warren
In a recent email exchange on our CPPNJ listserv, one of our faculty members, Bob Raymond, raised a controversial and, I think, essential question for all of us as psychoanalysts and psychotherapists to consider.

Book Recommendations

Book Review by Rose Oosting, Ph.D.
If you are wondering what to read next, take a look at the books our colleagues have fallen in love with...


What Can Possibly Be The Matter With My Child?

Helge Staby Deaton, MSW
The teacher of a class of three-and-a-half year old pre-school children at the daycare in Trenton where I have been consulting for the past eleven years called me late morning one day, greatly distressed, to help her out...

Director's Column

Seth Warren
As I prepare to take off for a few weeks it occurred to me to write something about endings, but I have had the occasion this week to think about one ending in particular, and offer some open-ended reflections.

Getting to Know You: Janet Hoffer, MSW

Janet Hoffer, MSW is a CPPNJ candidate who is in the final year of her analytic training. She currently serves as Co-chair of the Candidate's Organization, which supports and represents the professional needs of candidates within the Institute...

Summer 2010 Symposium: Two Views of Treating Paranoid Disorders

The Summer Symposium on the 'Two Views of Treating Paranoid Disorders' proved to be very intellectually stimulating indeed...

Graduate Biographies

Elizabeth Mary Choby, MSW, ACSW, LCSW, BCD, Maureen Kritzer-Lange, MSW, LCSW, Diane Harth, MSW, LCSW, BCD, Janice M. Peters, PhD, Katherine Barton Webber, LCSW, and Debra Roelke, PhD


Director's Column

Seth Warren
I would like to take the opportunity to mention a few things that are important to note as this year comes to an end and we begin to look forward to the coming year...

Second Annual Summer Institute Caps Successful First Semester

After two years of planning and faculty development, the Couples Division (NJCTTP) of CPPNJ held its first two classes with 12 students in each of the theory and clinical classes.

Developments in Brain Science Support Psychoanalytic Approaches to Therapy

Harlene Goldschmidt, Ph.D.
Over the past several decades innovations in brain science have confirmed much of what therapists intuitively understand about our emotional life and the healing power of relationships.

An Interview with Nancy McWilliams, PhD

Nancy McWilliams, PhD, has been an active teacher, supervisor, and therapist in New Jersey for many years, and is one of the founding members of this institute.

Introducing: Our Legislative Alerts Column: Your Future Depends on It!

With this issue, Joshua Lerner, PhD, will be writing a column for our newsletter on legislative issues that are coming up or being voted on concerning mental health.

CPPNJ/NJCTTP Couples Therapy Conference

Attachment Approaches to Couple Therapy

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Ellie Muska, LCSW, Faculty Member, New Jersey Couples Therapy Training Program and the Center for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis of New Jersey

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Insurance Battleground

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There seems to be a never ending onslaught of how insurance companies intrude into our patients' privacy and limit reimbursement...

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