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Getting to Know You: Debbie Frank LCSW

Debbie Frank, LCSW is a CPPNJ candidate who is in her fourth year of analytical training. Throughout her institute training, she has participated in many conferences and events, and is now involved in the Candidates’ Organization mentoring program. She also serves on the Board of the New Jersey Association of Women Therapists (NJAWT) in the capacity of President.

Where do you practice?

My private practice has recently moved from Verona to Montclair, where I continue to share my new office suite with three of my colleagues. My new office affords me access to the downtown area of Montclair as well as bringing me closer to my home.

What populations do you work with?

I enjoy a general private practice, treating issues related to depression, anxiety, identity development, sexual orientation, trauma and addiction. I treat all age groups as well as couples and families. I have recently gotten very interested in early childhood trauma and its repetition/reenactment in adult relationships.

How did you decide to become a candidate at CPPNJ?

I have been involved with the Metropolitan Center for Object Relations for the past six and a half years. This is where my interest in psychoanalysis began. My analytical training has been invaluable in many ways. The theoretical understanding as well as in-depth personal understanding have given me new and exciting professional opportunities.

The New Jersey Association of Woman Therapists has been one place where opportunity lies. The organization offers seven clinical and educational workshops throughout the year, along with social networking meetings and professional support groups. The organization is professionally run and the quality of the programs is substantial. My involvement in the last six years with NJAWT has given me a chance to build my professional relationships within the community.

What do you find valuable about CPPNJ?

Building a community of colleagues and friends is so vital to our work on so many levels. CPPNJ has certainly contributed to the development of my community, my professional identity and to my wealth of knowledge. Working within the psychoanalytic frame keeps the clinical work exciting, rich, and certainly challenging. The learning is endless!