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How the Attachment Patterns of Patient and Therapist Interlock: Nonverbal Experience, Mindfulness, Mentalizing and Change

David Wallin, PhD

Sunday, March 20, 2011
8:30AM – 4:30 PM

In this clinically-focused workshop, David Wallin, author of Attachment in Psychotherapy (Guilford, 2007), translates the findings of attachment theory research, as sparked by Bowlby’s original insights, into an innovative framework that grounds adult psychotherapy in the facts of childhood development. Advancing a model of treatment as transformation through relationship, he integrates attachment with neuroscience, trauma studies, relational psychoanalysis, the practice of mindfulness, and a focus on the body to help clinicians become more effective facilitators of growth and healing.

While attachment research shows that the parent’s security, insecurity, or trauma is unavoidably transmitted to the child, clinical experience suggests the same is true of the therapist in relation to the patient. Because we are the tools of our trade, no factor influences our effectiveness as therapists more than our own attachment patterns. Rather than our theories or techniques, it is who we are—and who we can become—that ultimately determines our capacity to create with our patients a genuinely therapeutic relationship.

Illustrating his approach with vivid case material and video examples, Wallin explores how the therapist’s mindfulness and reflection can transform impasses generated by attachment history into opportunities for insight and inspiration. Using attachment research to clarify the impact of the therapist’s attachment patterns as these interlock with those of the patient, he highlights the reality that for the patient to heal, the therapist must also change. Of paramount importance here is a focus on the nonverbal realm of experience that is evoked, enacted, and/or embodied. This focus opens a “royal road” to the awareness and integration of previously dissociated experience, not only in the patient but in the therapist as well.

Location: Lenfell Hall, The Mansion, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison, NJ
Cost: Faculty, Associates, and Others: $165 at the door/$150 pre-registration by March 10
Candidates: $65/$65;
Students with ID: $40
6 Clinical NASW-NJ approved credits

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