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Notes from the Training Committee

UPDATE: Your Training Committee At Work: CPPNJ’s Advisor/Advisee program.

By Sally Rudoy, LCSW

In the first edition of this column we hope to explain how the training committee works and give you a glimpse into how decisions are made. Our goal is to improve communication and demystify and clarify. Below you will find a list of who is on your training committee. With the merger of IPPNJ and CCAPS three years ago, a new training committee composed of faculty from the two “parent” institutes and a student representative was formed. Before and since the merger the committee has met monthly to put together CPPNJ’s unique program and streamline the requirements, policies and procedures of all aspects of training. We begin our explanation of the TC’s activities with a discussion of the advisor/advisee program.


We recognize that the endeavor of psychoanalytic training can be challenging. Most of our candidates are returning to a learning environment at a time in their lives when they are juggling work and family obligations. We established the Advisor/Advisee program to provide each candidate with support, encouragement, and a personal guiding hand to navigate the, sometimes, daunting steps of psychoanalytic training.

The Advisor-Advisee program pairs each candidate with a faculty member of the training committee (TC). Each TC member is the advisor for a number of different candidates, the advisees. The advisor is there to shepherd the candidate from the beginning of training through graduation. The advisor assists the candidate with staying on track to meet all course, supervisory, and personal analysis requirements.

In addition the advisor intervenes when problems arise around training issues and serves as an advocate on the advisee’s behalf when special needs arise. The advisor keeps copies of all candidate evaluations and discusses with the candidate how to address any learning issues that are identified.

The advisor should be the first point of contact for advisees and faculty members around issues that need to be decided by the training committee. These include: requirements, class schedules, third year exams, final case presentations, control cases, supervision, graduation preparation and evaluations. The training committee is also consulted regarding requests by candidates to be in a training analysis with analysts who are not on the CPPNJ faculty. In these cases, the TC must verify that the analyst meets the standard of a 5-year post certification from a recognized psychoanalytic institute.

We hope this clarifies the program. Remember, for any questions candidates have regarding training issues, their advisor is the first person that should be contacted.

In the spirit of continuing understanding, I would like to invite candidates and faculty to contact me if there is a particular training issue that you would like to see explained in a future column.  Feel free to email me at sallyrudoy@gmail.com."

Training Committee Members
Veronica Bearison, Director
Eric Sherman, Associate Director
Shawn Sobkowski, Dean of Students
Robert Morrow, Scheduling, Scholarship Fund
Natalie Brown, Evaluations
Susan Masluk, Admissions
Michelle Bauer, Curriculum
Sally Rudoy, Curriculum
Janet Hoffer, CEUs
Jan Peters, Candidate Representative