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New Jersey Couples Therapy Training Program

Second Annual Summer Institute Caps Successful First Semester

After two years of planning and faculty development, the Couples Division (NJCTTP) of CPPNJ held its first two classes with 12 students in each of the theory and clinical classes. There was a unique blend of backgrounds to the students. Some were experienced faculty of CPPNJ; others were advanced candidates in the psychoanalysis program, and others were new clinicians wanting to take the two year curriculum and develop expertise in couples therapy. Tom Johnson, Ph.D. (theory course) and Daniel Goldberg, Ph.D. (clinical skills course) used a variety of teaching strategies including lectures, clinical session video tapes, segments from "In Treatment", role play demonstrations, handouts, and guest lecturers from the NJCTTP faculty.

On June 18, 2010, NJCTTP held its second annual Summer Institute, coordinated by Susan D?Aloia, LCSW. The aim of the summer institute is to brainstorm new ideas that are percolating in the minds of faculty. We want these topics to be works in progress, not finished papers. The dialogue and questions were brisk, creative, and supportive. Presentations in the Summer Institute included unconscious forces in mate selection (Dr. Charlotte Kahn), issues for the couples therapist in consulting with a partner?s individual therapist (Dr. Bob Raymond), contemporary object relations perspectives in couples therapy (Dr. Al Shire), and the application of Jungian concepts in couples treatment (Dr. Daniel Goldberg). We are considering opening this institute to people outside of CPPNJ in the future.

In February of each year, we admit a new group of students into the two year couples therapy training program. People who are interested may take a course before fully committing to the program. We are accepting applications now for the new class. For more information, call Dr. Daniel Goldberg, Director of NJCTTP, at 609-683-8000, or e-mail dcgphd@yahoo.com.