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Getting to Know You: Janet Hoffer, MSW

Janet Hoffer, MSW is a CPPNJ candidate who is in the final year of her analytic training. She currently serves as Co-chair of the Candidateís Organization, which supports and represents the professional needs of candidates within the Institute. She also serves on the Board of the New Jersey Association of Women Therapists.

Where do you practice?
My private practice is in West Orange, near Verona Park. I have an office at my house which is separate from my living space. This allows me to have a full work life and be available to raise my children.

What populations do you work with?
I specialize in trauma, depression, and anxiety in adults who are struggling with their relationships. My particular interest is in applying a psychoanalytic approach to addictions and trauma. I also work with couples.

I have expertise in assessing and diagnosing adolescent problems, such as depression, underachievement, self harm, AD/HD and learning disabilities. I offer consultations on parenting issues to families and schools. In addition, I lead parenting workshops such as- Raising a Resilient Child and Empathic Parenting; itís an opportunity to prevent some difficulties before they begin.

How did you decide to become a candidate at CPPNJ?
I had completed a psychoanalytic psychotherapy program a number of years ago and knew the field had changed greatly. I wanted to stay current, felt I could be a more creative and effective clinician and that I had a responsibility to myself and patients to keep learning. I saw analytic training as a way to accomplish my goals.

What do you find valuable about CPPNJ?
Over the last several years, I have been in analysis and supervision and learned theoretical frameworks. Thatís been an optimal learning experience for developing my professional identity. Iíve had smart and generous teachers who have taught me a great deal. Whatís most valuable to me now is the community of colleagues and friendships I have gained.