CPPNJ - The Center for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy of New Jersey


The Recruitment Report: A review of the year

By Marion Houghton, EdS

The recruitment committee maintained a presence at CPPNJ activities during the course of the year. One such event was the David Wallin conference. A table was set aside at the conference for interested persons to sit with committee members for the purpose of asking questions about CPPNJ. This activity resulted in a small response. The Committee believes that with more publicity about the opportunity to sit with CPPNJ faculty and candidates in such a setting can be much more productive. The suggestion going forward is to provide time during the morning break for such interaction—with attention to this in the program announcements.

Members of the Recruitment Committee along with helpful CPPNJ people were able to be present at the following events during the past year. Debi Roelke attended the Fall 2010 NJPA meeting, Osna Haller the Spring 2011 NJPA meeting, Maureen Kritzer Lange attended the Susan Gutwill presentation at Women Helping Women and Marion Houghton was at the NJCA conference presentation It Ain’t Your Grandfather’s Freud.

The recruitment committee’s ongoing plan is to continue to make CPPNJ visible at certain professional meetings on a yearly basis as time and personnel allow. We welcome your suggestions and participation in this effort. Other possibilities are NJAMFT, Psychiatric Nurse and Pastoral Counselor activities.

The recruiting committee plans to be more involved with the Candidates Organization during the coming year. At present, Gayle Coakley is the only CO member on the committee. Another CO member is welcome to join us.

The committee congratulates Irwin Badin, Nell Jackson and Harlene Goldschmidt on a wonderful presentation at NJPA: “It Ain’t Your Grandfather’s Freud!” Thank you.

Thanks as well to Bob Levine, Judi Oshinsky, Maureen Kritzer-Lange and Debi Roelki for your service in recruiting this year.

Marion Houghton, Chair