CPPNJ - The Center for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy of New Jersey

About Us

CPPNJ was founded in 2009 as a result of a merger between two long-standing and well-respected institutes, The Contemporary Center for Advanced Psychoanalytic Study (CCAPS) and The Institute for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy of New Jersey (IPPNJ). In this merger, dedicated and experienced analysts are contributing their efforts to create an institute in which a wider range of course offerings and programming is possible.

The New Jersey Couples Therapy Training Center (NJCTTP), a division of CPPNJ, began offering courses in January 2010.

CPPNJ programs are co-sponsored with the New Jersey Society for Clinical Social Work (NJSCSW), which provides leadership and support to clinical social workers in all practice settings. NJSCSW has given voice to clinical social workers dealing with the health care industry. The organization provides outstanding continuing education programs and opportunities for collegial contact.

CPPNJ also meets ADA requirements. If an individual requires ADA accommodations, please contact our office at 973-912-4432 at least two weeks before the course date so that arrangements can be made.

Board of Directors

Debra Roelke, Director
Laura Arrue, Associate Director
Michelle Bauer, Director of Training
Nina Williams, Dean of Faculty
Janet Hoffer, Dean of Students
Sandra Sinicropi, Director, Couples Division
Debbie Frank, Director, Psychotherapy Center
Nell Jackson, Director, Public Relations
Charles Most, Treasurer
Janice Peters, Secretary of Policies and By-Laws
Melanie Karger, Candidate Representative

Training Committee

Michelle Bauer, Director of Training
Nina Williams, Associate Director
Natalie Brown
Janet Hoffer
Nell Jackson
Marissa Koziar
Debbie Liner
Susan Masluk
Janice Peters
Eric Sherman

Curriculum Subcommittee

Michelle Bauer
Janet Hoffer
Debra Roelke
Nina Williams

Examinations Subcommittee

Natalie Brown, Co-Chair
Janet Hoffer, Co-Chair
Michelle Bauer
Janice Peters

Evaluations Subcommittee

Janet Hoffer, Co-Chair
Nina Williams, Co-Chair
Melanie Karger
Genevieve Shineman

CE Subcommittee

Heather Lopes, Coordinator, LPC CEs
Paige Oszmanski, Coordinator, LCSW CEs

Scholarship Subcommittee

Robert Morrow, Chair
Michelle Bauer
Veronica Bearison

New Jersey Couples Therapy Training Program

Sandra Sinicropi, Director
Ellie Muska, Associate Director
Susan D'Aloia, Dean of Faculty
Gail Kleinman, Dean of Students
Helene Schwartzbach, Director of Admissions
Meryl Dorf
Hope Eliasof
Debbie Frank
Maureen Gallagher
Daniel Goldberg
Karen Heffernan
Nancy Hicks
Veronica Horenstein
Thomas Johnson
Charlotte Kahn
Maria Lorditch
Carol Marcus
Rose Oosting
Robert Raymond
Susan Stein

Graduate Student Externship Program

Thomas Johnson Melanie Karger
Joan Morgan
Debra Roelke
Seth Warren
Nina Williams

Candidates' Organization

Melanie Karger, Co-Chair
Shoshana Stockelberg, Co-Chair
Dayna Bandman, Co-Secretary
Meg Sosnow, Co-Secretary
Marissa Koziar, Treasurer
Melanie Karger, Candidate Representative, Board of Directors
Marissa Koziar, Candidate Representative, Training Committee

Psychotherapy Center

Susan Stein, Director
Debbie Frank, Coordinator

Community Activities

Events Committee

Madine DeSantis, Co-Chair
Debbie Frank, Co-Chair
Harlene Goldschmidt
Lisbeth McGovern

Regional Activity Coordinators

Middlesex/Mercer Area Regional Coordinator - Thomas Johnson
Essex/Morris/Somerset Area Regional Coordinator - Ellie Muska
Bergen Area Regional Coordinator - Cheryl Nifoussi

Culture and Diversity Committee

Marion Houghton, Chair
Joan Berkowitz
Elizabeth Choby
Gayle Coakley
Marlene Emery
Roslyn Gawthney
Estelle Krumholz
Ruth Lijtmaer
Lila Redmount
Marlene Rybinski
Genevieve Shineman
Martha Temple
Cheryl Thompson

Continuing Education

Supervision Training Program

Karen Heffernan, Chair, Revision Committee

Eating and Body Image Disorders Study Group

Susan Gutwill, Chair
Paula Freed
Maureen Kritzer-Lange
Lisbeth McGovern
Susan Masluk
Judith Oshinsky

Child and Adolescent Interest Group

Kevin Fried, Chair

Public Relations Division

Nell Jackson, Director

Communications and Marketing

Meryl Dorf, Marketing Materials
Robert Morrow, Social Media (Facebook)
Seth Warren, Website

Program Committee

Carol Marcus, Chair
Joan Berkowitz
Susan D'Aloia
Nell Jackson
Arlene Kappraff
Mana Levine

E-Newsletter and Publications

Nancie Senet, Editor-in- Chief
Rose Oosting, Consulting Editor
Ruth Lijtmaer, Contributing Editor
Lauren Meyer, Contributing Editor